Thursday, October 23, 2014

{day 22} in a small city

Ok. So, I fell off the wagon yesterday. 
But I'm getting right back on today! 

Anyone up for some shopping, because today I'm taking you to the Charleston Town Center Mall! 

So, it doesn't really look pretty. That's mainly because the parking garage is the only thing you see from the outside. 

The mall definitely offers a variety of stores for a great shopping experience, but its more than that as well. We like to go to grab a cup of Starbucks and just walk through. And yes, it is the only corporate owned Starbucks location in Charleston. Sad. 

And...middle of October and we already have Christmas decorations up.
Yeah. Not really OK with that.


Our littles love the mall too...but not because of the stores. 

They love the extra little things...

Like riding in the apple car with Lowly Worm...who is (by the way) Little E's husband. She actually says that frequently and just the other day she told me that "If I marry Lowly worm I can't have real human babies with feet because you can't have human babies if you marry a worm." True story. And technically she's right...but there's a lot more wrong with marrying a worm than just the fact that her babies wouldn't have feet. 
So Little E loves the Lowly worm ride. G-man, not so much. Cried the entire time.

Then there's Build-A-Bear. We just go to browse most of the time. 

They also have a "Play Patch"...basically an indoor play area that is made to look like fruits and veggies (Thank you, CAMC). The Play Patch saved us last winter when it was so cold for so long and we all had cabin fever! 

The restaurant selection at the mall isn't too shabby either. Panera is always a great option, but there is also the food court (hello, Chic-Fil-A) and other nicer restaurants (Chili's, Tidewater, The Chop House, Outback, etc). 

They recently did a total overhaul on the mall, complete with renovations outside as well which made it feel really fun and festive year round--bistro lights, etc. 

The Town Center Mall is a great place to take the family to enjoy some shopping, good food, or people watching (my favorite). Your kids will probably bug you to death to ride a ride, or have a new Build-a-Bear animal, but still...its fun....sort of :) 


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

{day 21} in a small city

Living downtown in a small city is really not much like it would be in a larger city. 

For instance, we still have to drive our car most places. There are some amenities that are within walking distance, and there is public transportation available, but most people don't use it. 

That's where today's fun activity comes in. 

While we typically don't use public transportation (for more reasons that I care to name), there is one portion of our transit system that is fun for our family. 

The Trolley. 

The Trolley drives past our house about 5 times each day...every hour on the hour. 

The driver knows who we are and (if its the daily driver...not the weekend driver) he rings the bell at the kiddos each time he sees them. 

Several times we have taken the Trolley for a ride just for fun. 

It picks up right across the street form our house which is convenient and makes an hour long loop around the city. 

One of the best parts is that it costs 75 cents each time you get on and children under a certain height (43" maybe?) are free! So for me and my 2 littles it cost 75 cents to ride the whole loop without getting off. Sometimes we get off at Capital Street, explore a little, and get back on. On those days we are big spenders and it costs us $1.50! Whew! 

Seriously, its a lot of fun and a great way to see some parts of the city you might not otherwise see! 

The driver is great and has even let E ring the bell! 

We always have so much fun on our Trolley outings! 


Monday, October 20, 2014

{day 20} in a small city

Looking for some more "Fall fun"? 

I've already taken you to Milton for the Pumpkin Festival and Cooper Family Farm Corn Maze/Zip Line. Here's another family outing that will be sure to please everyone!

Our family hasn't had a chance to go yet this year, but Little E loved her time there last year!! 

Gritt's is about 45 minutes away from Charleston, but is well worth the drive. 

In the Fall they offer a corn maze, corn box (like a giant sand box...only corn), pumpkins and other produce, slides, food, and so much more! 


 Gritt's is always a blast! 
I really wish I had pictures of my own to share with you and my personal experience of this year, but I don't have those yet. Last year was so much fun...cold and a little wet, but still fun! 

We are hoping to get there sometime in the next week, but we'll see! Even though I haven't been this year, I still know its totally worth including in this journey around our city...and the suburbs beyond.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

{day 19} in a small city

We're over three week in to this write31days challenge!

I have really enjoyed taking you on a little tour through our let's move on to our next destination

Taylor Books is a local bookshop in the heart of the city. 
They have an incredible selection of books for both adults and children, as well as a coffee shop. 
Taylor's is a venue for small concerts, poetry/book readings, open mic nights, etc. 
They have started serving wine and locally brewed beer as well. 

The atmosphere is very cozy which makes it a lovely place to sit, chat, study, read, etc. 

Definitely one of Charleston's best spots for a date or a spot to grab a latte as you explore the rest of the city with your family!


Saturday, October 18, 2014

{day 18} in a small city

Today we are exploring a little bit of nature right near downtown. 
The Carriage Trail is a beautiful hiking, walking, running trail just across the river from downtown Charleston.

The scenery is beautiful and at a few look out points you will find the best view of the city!

We have had family photos taken here before and they were perfect! 

This is the beginning of the Carriage Trail at the bottom of the hill. It runs up the hill to what used to be Sunrise Museum (now a law firm). If you're looking for a good workout, this trail would be ideal since its totally uphill one way! 

When visiting Charleston, if you need your nature-fix or just a break from the city feel, just head across the bridge to the Carriage Trail for a nice walk through the beautiful South Hills area.


Friday, October 17, 2014

{day 17} in a small city

One of Charleston's relatively newer attractions is Uncork & Create

I have yet to attend any of their classes/sessions, but I would really love to one day. 

The basic premise is that you can attend a class, paint a canvas (with detailed instruction), and sip on some wine while munching on snacks...although I think you have to bring your own refreshments. 

The original location is downtown Charleston, but they have begun offering classes in the Huntington area as well. 

I think it sounds like a fabulous "Girls Night" event! 

Who knows, maybe I will try it someday soon. 

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

{day 16} in a small city

Since moving to our current location, we have tried to find some local spots to frequent. Today, I'm sharing one of those places with you! 

Apparently (because of my first post in this series...and now this one) we really like ice cream. Who knew! 

Technically this is frozen yogurt, but still...same concept. 

Just a few blocks away from us is a lovely self-serve frozen yogurt spot that is not a chain! It is locally owned by a family who also owns and operates two other restaurants in town. We've grown fond of Sweet Spoon for a number of reasons...

1. The woman who typically works there is very friendly, a believer, and has children roughly the same ages as ours. We have developed a sort of friendship with her.

2. It is within walking distance from our house! So fun on a summer evening. 

3. They have punch cards and when you buy 9 cups of yogurt you get the 10th free. I won't tell you how many of those cards we went through this summer but I will say it was more than a couple. 

4. Sweet Spoon is more than frozen yogurt. They also have bubble tea, smoothies, coffee, and lattes! 

5. Its rarely crowded, so our kids can run around without really bothering anyone. That's always a perk, right?

We walked down there just the other night because the weather was much warmer that what we had been having and we needed a special treat to celebrate most likely the last 80+ degree day we will have in a while!

If we were giving a review, Sweet Spoon would get 5 Starts from our family! 

Did you know this is {day 16} in a 31 day series?!?
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